"Mo­ments of Peace"
Photo Con­test

In 2021, we would like to make your year different! UNESCO HK Global Peace Centre (GPC) encourages you to focus on the moments of peace and tranquility. Participants can capture and share the moments when they feel most peaceful and at ease. We would like to celebrate the different ideas and understandings of how people think of peace.different ideas and understandings of how people think of peace.People can share the most peaceful moments with other community members, building the sustainable society.

Programme details

Target Participants

Full-time students


  1. Contestants can use any photographic equipment, digital cameras or mobile phones for their entries;
  2. Contestants are required to give each of their photos a title and a brief description to express their idea.
  3. Each contestant can submit up to three photos.

Guidelines for Contestants

  1. The file size of each work must be between 1MB and 5MB;
  2. Recommend image file format: JPEG/150 dpi;
  3. You may only participate in one group;
  4. You may submit at most three photos. If you submit more than three photos, the organiser may randomly pick three among the submitted photos as your final entry;
  5. In the enrolment form, please briefly describe the person(s), thing(s), place(s) or city(-ies) featured in the photo, and the idea you intend to convey via the photo;
  6. All entries must be your original work and you must not infringe others’ rights and copyrights in your entry to this contest. If any contestant, through his/her entry in this contest, infringe copyright in a work by another person, the contestant shall incur all legal liabilities and effects arising therefrom;
  7. The organiser has the right to display / publish the entries on the Internet, the organiser’s publications, and other publicity channels, without paying copyright fees to the participants;
  8. Winners may be asked to provide higher resolution images to the organiser for publication or display purposes related to the contest;
  9. The organiser reserves the right to modify the contents and rules of the notice at any time without prior notice;
  10. Decisions of the judges are final and binding on all parties concerned, and shall not be disputed or appealed against;
  11. The organiser reserves the right of final judgment concerning items not expressly stated in the Guidelines. Contestants who do not consent to the organiser’s decisions may withdraw from the contest. All costs associated with withdrawal from the contest are to be incurred by the contestant.


ChampionCertificate and a trophy
First runner-up Certificate and a trophy
Second runner-upCertificate and a trophy

Winning works in all categories may be exhibited in the 8th Peacemakers Cultural Celebration.



Contestants should complete the enrolment form before submitting their work.


Take photos

Go and take your photos, following the requirements.


Upload photos

To submit your work

Click the “Submit Work” button on the right. Please name your file as the same “Name” you provided in your enrolment form.

If you encounter any problems while uploading your photo(s), please email us at peace@unesco.hk.

All photos must be submitted on or before

2 Apr 2021


Result announcement

The results of the competition will be announced on this website (peace.unesco.org.hk).

Photos on this page are courtesy of Y. K. Cheung Photography

call 3158 2889 / peace@unesco.hk