Moments of Peace

In 2021, we would like to make your year different! UNESCO HK Global Peace Centre (GPC) encourages you to focus on the moments of peace and tranquility. Participants can capture and share the moments which they feel most peaceful and at ease, and celebrate the different ideas and understandings of how people think of peace.

Challenge yourself to articulate what peace is all about through your photos, and help spread the imagery of peace and let others appreciate peace in the community.

Programme curated by Mr. Wang Wong

Programme details

Target Participants

Full-time students


  1. Contestants can use any photographic equipment, digital cameras or mobile phones for their entries;
  2. Contestants are required to give each of their photos a title and a brief description to express their idea;
  3. Each contestant can submit up to three photos.

Submission specifications

File size
Between 1MB and 5MB
Recommended file format
JPEG / 150 dpi

Guidelines for Contestants

  1. You may submit at most three photos. If you submit more than three photos, the organiser may randomly pick three among the submitted photos as your final entry;
  2. Contestants are required to give each of their photos a title and a brief description to express their ideas;
  3. All entries must be your original work and you must not infringe others’ rights and copyrights in your entry to this contest. If any contestant, through their entry in this contest, infringe copyright in a work by another person, the contestant shall incur all legal liabilities and effects arising therefrom;
  4. The organiser has the right to display / publish the entries on the Internet, the organiser’s publications, and other publicity channels, without paying copyright fees to the participants;
  5. Winners may be asked to provide higher resolution images to the organiser for publication or display purposes related to the contest;
  6. The organiser reserves the right to modify the contents and rules of the guidelines at any time without prior notice;
  7. Decisions of the judges are final and binding on all parties concerned, and shall not be disputed or appealed against;
  8. The organiser reserves the right of final judgment concerning items not expressly stated in the Guidelines. Contestants who do not consent to the organiser’s decisions may withdraw from the contest. All costs associated with withdrawal from the contest are to be incurred by the contestant.

Judging panel

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Judging criteria
  1. Theme / concept (70%)
  2. Technical (30%)


Award Reward
Champion Certificate, trophy and prizes
First runner-up
Second runner-up
Merit Certificate
Winning works in all categories may be exhibited in the 8th Peacemakers Cultural Celebration.

Sample Photos



Contestants should complete the enrolment form before submitting their work.

Enrol on or before

23 April, 2021


Take photos

Take photos, following the requirements.

Talk & Q&A with Photographers

Already taken some photos? You can talk with experienced photographers for critique, comments, insights or simply for asking questions on photography. Photos intended for review should be submitted THREE days before the talk session.

You can choose to re-submit your entry afterwards.

Tutor (17 Apr)

Vam Y.K. Cheung

An Architectural and Landscape Photographer operating in the Los Angeles area. He graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising/Illustration and earned the Departmental Award. After assisting in Los Angeles for a year, he moved back to his native Hong Kong and worked in-house as an Architectural Photographer. He founded Y.K. Cheung Photography in San Francisco, focusing on architectural and commercial projects. In 2002, Vam relocated to Orange County where he continued to pursue his career in photography. He relocated again in 2005 to his current location in Los Angeles. As his career became more specialized in Commercial Interiors, his commercial photo projects have won several Design Awards. In recent years, Vam has had the opportunity to share his Fine Art Landscape and Architectural work through various Exhibitions.
Tutor (24 Apr)

LAU Wing-Hong (HongPICs)

Hong is a hobbyist photographer since 1994. He specialises in documentaries, street photography and ruins photography in Hong Kong. His work captures humans, aspects of their daily lives and the dynamics of society. The photos feature recurrent themes of vintage items and reminiscence of the days gone by. In the past decade, Hong has gained online presence through his online page “HongPICs”. Hong and his work have been featured in magazines and newspapers. “The Faded Glory”, his first photography book on abandoned places and buildings in Hong Kong, was introduced in 2020 to advocate heritage conservation work in the city.

Workshop sessions
17 Apr 2021 — English & Chinese
11:00 a.m. — 1:00 p.m.
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“Turn your photo into a Winner”
24 Apr 2021
11:00 a.m. — 1:00 p.m.

Topics covered in the workshop include:
  • How to use a camera (The exposure triangle, white balance)
  • Principles of composition (Rule of Thirds, Framing, Leading Lines)
  • Tips to add depth to your work
  • Review and comment
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Upload photos

To submit your work
Click the “Submit Work” button; you will be redirected to an uploading page. Please upload with your photo(s) a Word (sampleopen_in_new) or text file (sampleopen_in_new) contenting your photo(s) title(s), description(s) and file name(s). Descriptions of the photo can include the person(s), thing(s), place(s) or city(-ies) featured in the photo, and the peace idea you intend to convey via the photo. If you encounter any problems while uploading your photo(s), please email us at

All photos must be submitted on or before

31 May, 2021
Submission closed


Result announcement

The results of the competition will be announced on this website (