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Cantopop for Peace

Cantopop classics like “Below the Lion Rock” remind people how songs can bring people from all walks of life together. In trying times, we need the power to unite people again and face the challenges together. In this competition, participants can compose peace-themed lyrics for the an original melody (composed by Phoebus Chan). During creation, we will learn the history and culture of Hong Kong Cantopop, bringing peace and positive emotion to the community.

Programme curated by Ms Candy Liu

Programme details

Target Participants

Participants can enrol as an individual or a team of 2-6 people who are aged 8 or above

Participant Groups

Participant Group
Junior GroupAged 8-11
Youth GroupAged 12-18
Public GroupAged 19 or above



Junior CantoPop for Peace AwardCertificate
Youth CantoPop for Peace AwardCertificate
CantoPop for Peace AwardCertificate

Judging Panel

To be announced

Judging criteria
  1. Expression of the theme of “Peace” (40%)
  2. Rhyme & compatibility between music and lyrics (20%)
  3. Evocation of emotional response (10%)
  4. Singability & memorability (10%)
  5. Identifiability of rhyme pattern (10%)
  6. Inclusion of SDG elements (10%)

Note: Age group 8 to 11 will be judged on one chorus only



To join this programme, click “join programme” to fill in the application form.

Upon successful application, your team will be given a piece of melody, for which they will compose Cantonese lyrics on the theme of peace.

The composition must be completed and submitted before the deadline.

Enrol on or before

13 August, 2021



Two workshops will be organised for participants to help them familiarise themselves with the history of CantoPop, Cantonese lyrics composition, and be briefed on how to submit their work using the online submission platform. All participants are required to attend both workshops.

All workshops will be delivered online via Zoom. Login details are provided to you after you have enrolled in the programme.

Workshop 1
History & culture of CantoPop

In the workshop, you will learn about the cultural context of the production and consumption of CantoPop, how the genre came to be in the 1970s, how it became associated with Hong Kong pop music, and its revival in the 2010s.

Workshop Tutor
Candy Liu

Candy Liu graduated from City University of Hong Kong, specialising in Information Technology. She is currently the CEO of Shine Techonlogy, a provider of innovative EduTech platforms.
Candy is a descendant of the indigenous Liu family of Sheung Shui. Candy's father, a serviceman who served the overseas British Forces in Hong Kong, had a strong, positive influence on her upbringing. Candy is a charitable figure in many communities, where she use technology to improve the lives of people, the old and the young alike.

Workshop sessions
Participants should attend any one session for each workshop.
Session 1 – Cantonese
Date: TBD
Time TBD
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Session 2 – Cantonese
Date: TBD
Time TBD
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Workshop 2
Cantonese Lyrics Writing Technique

Cantonese lyrics composition is a sophisticated art. Through this workshop, participants will learn the basics of lyrics composition, including its origin, rhyming, pitch, the nurture of creativity, sources of inspiration and the life cycle of a piece of pop music; participants will gain a better understanding of lyrics composition and their interests thereof.

Workshop (1) Tutor
Gigi Chi Ying LAM

Gigi Lam is a musician-educator and workshop facilitator in schools, hospitals and community centres across Hong Kong and the UK. She is the co-founder of Little Bean Theatre, a family Cantonese theatre based in London. She is currently studying in a doctoral degree at Royal College of Music, London.

Workshop (2) Tutor
Lyricist 文探花 (捕風)
Member of the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong, graduate of the Baron School of Music in Hong Kong. Studied under famous lyricists and producers such as Albert Leung, Kin Yan, Cheung Cho Kiu, Kelvin Ngai and Dominic Chu, with the belief that a melody without lyrics is a melody without a soul.
The 2015 winner of the Baron School of Music Lyrics Composition Competition started the musical career in the same year, has since collaborated with many musicians and remains dedicated to the heritage of Cantonese songs. The lyricist has published pop songs and themes for stage plays, including work for Commercial Radio Hong Kong, Metro Radio, and other stations.
Workshop sessions
Participants should attend any one session for each workshop.
Session 1 – Cantonese
Date: TBD
Time TBD
(Tutor: Gigi Chi Ying LAM)
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Session 2 – Cantonese
Date: TBD
Time TBD
(Tutor: Lyricist 文探花 (捕風))
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Phoebus Chan the composer has kindly composed an original melody for CantoPop for Peace. After the workshops, participants compose Cantonese lyrics for this melody, give it a title, and submit their work to the online submission platform provided.

Four pieces of work with the best written lyrics and peace message will be selected, and their authors awarded a Certificate of Distinction.

Note: Age group 8-11 may write one chorus only.

Phoebus Chan

Phoebus Chan, Founder and Executive Director of PA House Asia Ltd.; Vice-Chairman of Hong Kong Innovision; Chairman of Mainland Hong Kong Macau Arts and Culture Youth Alliance; Vice- Chairman of Hong Kong QingDao Association; Chairman of Worldwide Chinese Foundation; Board member of Faith in Love Foundation; Chairman of Haoxue Action; Chairman of Alumni Association of Music Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong; Columnist of Singtao Daily and Kung Kao Po.

He was awarded the “Secretary for Home Affairs’ Commendation Scheme” in 2020; Silver Award (2019), Bronze Award (2018) for Volunteer Service by the Social Welfare Department; the “10 Most Outstanding Youth Artist Award” in 2005.

While commercially active, Chan has also played a significant role in Hong Kong’s music industry. He was also the lecturer of the Hong Kong College of Technology, Director of the Pop Music Department of Baron School of Music, RTHK Radio 4 and Radio 2 Presenter, Post Producer of Disney Channel Hong Kong. And has worked with numerous globally acclaimed artistes throughout the years including Paul Potts, David Garrett, Huang Meng-Lai, Connie Talbot, Patrizio Buanne, Coco Lee, etc.

  • The piece of music starts off with serenity, accompanied by two notes,representing our dreams and peace.
  • The heartbeat in the second verse signifies the need of a heart to achieve our aspirations
  • The middle part builds up to a climax; likewise we need to strive hard for our dreams. We need to make efforts and have an energetic, positive mindset for our actions and decisions.
  • The ending signifies our aspirations accomplished.

Melody and sheet music © Phoebus Chan. Unauthorized use of these materials outside of CantoPop for Peace is forbidden.

Submit your work

Click “submit work” and you will be redirected to the online submission platform.

Click “how to submit” for instructions on the online submission platform.

All compositions must be submitted on or before

30 September, 2021



All submissions will be given to a panel of judges for evaluation. The panel will select the team with the best composition as the winning team.

The winning team may be invited to record their work in a studio, which will be published on online streaming platforms for non-commercial use.

The UNESCO Hong Kong Association Glocal Peace Centre reserves the right to use the lyrics created by participants even after the programme finishes for non-commercial promotion purpose.


Visit the upload platform and login using the username and password provided to you.


Select the programme.


After selection you will see the page where you can view the provided content. This can be video, audio or music score.


Upload your work using the “Record or upload” button at the bottom.