Dance for Peace

For students from any nationality and ethnic group, we provide an online dancing performance opportunity. Students can show their talents and own dance art though internet. Dance for Peace also plays vital role in dance art exchanges, allowing students to experience various cultures.

Within 17SDGs, Dance for Peace proposes the exchanges of dance art, creating the bonding between different ethnic groups and people from various nations. Being a kind of physical exercise, Dance keeps the body healthy and energetic, thus leading to good health and well-being. Moreover, through the activity, tutors will upload the demonstration videos on the website for teaching the participants and make better quality education.

Target participants

  • Students of dance schools in Hong Kong
  • Dance teams in primary / secondary schools
  • Dance groups of youth in the Greater Bay Area

Work submission

Video record a complete dance performance (including dance and soundtrack) within the time limit of [TIME LIMIT], and submit the recording online here on or before [DEADLINE].

Online performance

The video recordings will be premiered online at ??:?? on ?????.

All participating groups and individuals will be issued a certificate of participation.

All performances will not be adjudicated nor scored.