Draw for Peace

During the COVID-19 pandemic, St John’s Cathedral Life Enrichment Centre hopes to promote the concept of peace of mind to the public, especially young people, through the 8th Peacemakers’ Cultural Celebration held by the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Peace Centre.

Zentangle is a simple, relaxing and pleasant art creation technique, a tool that improves mindfulness practice and is suitable for children and adults to learn.

In this activity, participants will be equipped with Zentangle creative skills and techniques of snarling artworks online so that participants will be inspired to create their own works.

During the Draw for Peace, the tutors will teach the participants to do the mindful exercise – Zentangle, which helps to relax one’s mind thus fostering the development of well-being. While schools are taking part in Draw for Peace, we form the strong institutions within the community.

Programme details

What is Zentangle?

Zentangle was founded by Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas in 2003. It is a modern art form combining “Zen” and “Tangle”.

The Zentangle Method is an easy to learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns called “tangles” with combinations of dots, lines, simple curves, S curves and orbs. The intertwining snarls form the basic patterns; the liberal combination of patterns form a complete piece of Zentangle artwork.

Not only is the creation of Zentangle a practice of art, it is also a popular stress relief. As people draw Zentangle lines, they enter a state of meditation and extreme concentration during creation, gaining the practice the nickname of “yoga for the mind”. Everyone drawing Zentangles can concentrate on every fine stroke as they create patterns one after another, effortlessly bringing one’s mind, instinct and knowledge together as one.

Target Participants

Local secondary school students aged between 12 – 18


  • Artwork size: A4 drawing paper (210 × 297 mm)
  • Include elements of how to have a healthy and happy life style, peace with others and the Universe
  • The Artwork must be original
  • Each contestant can only submit one piece of artwork
  • Artwork must have Zentangle inspired patterns
  • Appropriate colour materials such as watercolour/wood colour/or other paints can be added


AwardNo.  of winnersReward
Gold1 winnerCertificate issued by UNESCO Hong Kong Association Glocal Peace Centre
Silver1 winner
1 winner
2 winners

Awardees may be invited to share their experience of creating their artwork at the 8th Peacemakers’ Cultural Celebration on 8 May, 2021.

Judging Panel

As recommended by St John’s Cathedral Life Enrichment Centre

  • Elijah Tara Fung
  • Sophia Yeung
  • Suen Man Wai Bonnie


To join this programme, click “join programme” to fill in the application form.

Upon successful application, you will be given login details for the workshop sessions of your choosing.



Before they begin, participants can join workshops to learn how to create Zentangle for peace.

All workshops will be delivered online via Zoom. Login details are provided to you after you have enrolled in the programme.

Ms Elijah Tara Fung

Certified Zentangle Teacher, Artist and Centre Manager of St John’s Cathedral Life Enrichment Centre.

Workshop sessions
Participants should attend any one session for each workshop.
Time Participants
20 Feb 2021
10:30 am - 11:30 am
100 persons videocam Join
20 Feb 2021
11:45 am - 2:45 pm
100 persons videocam Join



Participants create their own artwork following the requirements.

For Zentangle creation techniques, please visit the official videos produced by St John’s Cathedral Life Enrichment Centre.



To submit your zentangle

Deliver your finished artwork to St John’s Cathedral Life Enrichment Centre with the envelop marked “Draw For Peace” and “Do not fold”.

"Draw for Peace"
St John's Cathedral Life Enrichment Centre
1/F, Administrative Building,
St John's Cathedral, 4-8 Garden Road,
Central, HK
Do not fold

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Submission deadline (by postmark date)

5 April, 2021 (Monday)
St John's Cathedral Life Enrichment Centre
Supported by St John's Cathedral Life Enrichment Centre
Enquiries for Draw for Peace
call 2523 0531

email elijahfung@stjohnlec.com