Cross-Cultural Exhibition

The Cross-cultural Exhibition aims to showcase different culture to promote intercultural understanding and encourage intercultural dialogue. The programme provides a platform to motivate students to understand different cultures.  The students will then transfer what they understood into peace messages and expressions and capture them in video or photographs. By understanding different cultures from the program, students can develop empathy, learn to be more acceptable of others, understand the divergence of the nations, appreciate the value of festivals and other rituals and their roles in individual culture.  

Participants shall deliver a peace message to the world through videos, photos and animations. Throughout the program, students will know what SDG goals are, and importance of peace. 

Students are encouraged to develop appreciation of what they have, and learn to help others as peace ambassadors.  

Programme details


Participants will need to produce as short videos featuring  the countries or cultures of their choice. The programme aims to

  • Showcase different culture to promote intercultural understanding, encourage intercultural dialogue;
  • Provide a platform to promote peace and devise culture to the public while giving everyone the opportunity to participate;
  •  improve students’ understanding and appreciation of other cultures through researches and intercultural dialogue;
  • To deliver a peace message to the world through the production of video shooting. photography.

Target Participants

  1. Groups:
    Primary school group
    Secondary school group
  2. Contestants participate in teams of five;
  3. Each team can only submit 1 piece of work;
  4. Each school can send more than one team to participate in the competition;
  5. Each team would provide 3 preferences for the choice of culture or country.


Award Judging Prize
Best Cultural Ambassador Award
  • One Gold, Silver and Bronze for each group
Professional Judges UNESCO HK GPC Certificate
Best Popularity Award
  • One award to each group
Public Voting UNESCO HK GPC Certificate

To join this programme, form a team of 5 eligible members and click “join programme” to fill in the application form.



Workshops will be organised for participants to help them familiarise themselves videography and photography and SDGs

All workshops will be delivered online. Login details are provided to you after you have enrolled in the programme.

Workshop sessions
Online workshops will be held between 16 February - 31 March, 2021.
Workshop 1
Session 1
Date Time
videocam Join class
Workshop 2
Session 1
Date Time
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Video submission

Feature film, micro film, animation, clip


Recommended video lenght 2 – 4 minutes (including opening and closing credits)


.mov, .mp4 or wmv file with a resolution of 720p or above.

File size not more than 200mb. (Higher quality files might be requested for further use)


If the presentation is in English, please add Chinese subtitles; if the presentation is in Chinese, please add English subtitles

All compositions must be submitted on or before

2 Apr 2021



All submissions will be given to a panel of judges for evaluation.

Judging Criteria
AwardJudging Criteria
Best Cultural Ambassador Award
  1. Subject content (40%): Score based on the name of the entry, the degree of relevance of the subject, whether it is inspiring and reflective.
  2. Shooting and production skills (25%): The shooting skills, sound effects and post-editing of the entries will be scored.
  3. Creative concept (15%): According to the innovative ideas, unique techniques, and ornamental aspects of the entries.
  4. Achieve SDG goals (20%): Apply SDG goals (4 and 8.9) into video for presentation
Best Popularity AwardThe award ‘Best Popularity Award’ will be presented to the school with the highest votes among all the participating schools based on # of ‘likes’ given to the videos uploaded in UNESCO HK GPC Facebook page
Supported by JCI East Kowloon