Wellness for Peace

“Wellness for Peace” is a series of activities to help people nurture individual peace with wellness practices. In this programme, wellness masters will teach you ways to build individual peace within yourself through four wellness practices: Meditation, Yoga, Resilience Building and Taichi. Building individual peace is essential to all peacebuilders to build peace in the community.

You can participate in the workshop to learn more and also have the opportunity to submit your video of wellness practice. The best video will be selected to promote the peacebuilding art of wellness practice to everyone.

Wellness for Peace is brought to you in partnership with four experienced wellness practitioners.

Programme curated by Mr Thiru Nachiappan (Thiru)

Target Participants

Primary / Secondary / University students / Adults 


Participants are encouraged to participate in the workshops and submit videos of themselves putting wellness practice into action to help spread the knowledge of discovering individual peace.


The wellness practice masters will choose the best videos among the submissions and create a compilation of wellness practices.

To be announced



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Upon successful application, we will contact you for further arrangements.

Enrol on or before

23 April, 2021



To help you get started, the wellness masters have prepared tutorial videos for you to learn the basics of wellness practices at home!

Supported by: The Art of Living

Supported by: The Federation of Tai Chi Associations

Supported by: Brahma Kumaris

Raja Yoga meditation is a form of meditation that is accessible to people of all backgrounds. It is a meditation without rituals or mantras and can be practised anywhere at any time.

Join us for an energizing activity to boost your health and wellness. Learn tools and techniques to create work-life balance, reduce stress, generate positive emotions, become more cheerful.

The system of Raja Yoga Meditation is based on self-discovery. The technique works on emerging the inner virtues of Peace, Love and Happiness which are within each individual, but in a merged form. Raja Yoga is an inside-out concept whereby transforming the inside (individual) helps transform the outside (society / world). Developing Inner Peace helps in building World Peace. Moreover, as the virtues within an individual develop, he / she undergoes a paradigm shift towards a more holistic living, with a focus on sustainability of not just human life but of the ecosystem.

Raja Yoga believes that most illnesses of the body have their roots in the mind. As an individual strengthens the mind through this meditation technique, typically it has been proved that it does not just cure existing illnesses but also enhances the capacity to ward-off future incidences of illness.

Supported by: Inspire2Aspire



As you practice wellness, you can join these workshops to get in touch with the wellness masters for direct consultation.

Workshop Guide

Sister Aruna Ladva (Apr 17)
  • Accomplished International Spiritual Guide & Author with 40 years as a Raja Yoga Practitioner & Teacher;
  • Instrumental in opening Raja Yoga Centres in several cities worldwide Vancouver ,Istanbul, Bahrain, Kuwait, etc.;
  • Recipient of ‘Women of Excellence’ Award from Yoga Federation of India

Sister Husain Bandi Imam (Apr 10)
  • More than 17 years as a Spiritual Guide and a Raja Yoga Meditation Teacher
  • Senior faculty at Om Shanti Retreat Centre (ORC)
  • Behavioural Workshops Facilitator in multinational companies and educational institutions
  • Host for TV shows dealing with Health & Wellness, Youth, Women and Spirituality

Harry Wong “Harry Goh Goh” (Apr 03)
  • Experienced Raja Yoga Meditator who serves Hong Kong communities through his Magic and Music
  • Author of the music textbook “Music Today”, widely adopted by primary schools throughout Hong Kong
  • Winner of “North American Parenting Publications Gold Award”
  • Children TV Programme Host for TVB, ATV and i-Cable Kids Channels

Ayako Ichimaru (Apr 03)
  • Experienced Raja Yoga Meditator and an award-winning violinist
  • Performed at globally acclaimed venues such as the White House, the United Nations and the Great Hall of the People in Beijing
  • Performed with world famous artists such as Lucano Pavarotti, Cliff Richard and Sarah Brightman
  • Her students secure distinctions in ABRSM and other music exams and have also received music scholarships

Yogesh Sharda (Turkey) [Mar 27]
  • A Meditation practitioner for more than 25 years
  • A Meditation Guide of International repute for more than 20 years.
  • Conducted motivational workshops in several countries in Asia, US, Europe and Middle East.
  • Regularly conducts workshops in Multinational companies like IBM, Microsoft, and others.

The Art Of Living presents ‘Sukshma Yoga’ for relaxation and better coordination Learn some simple, quick & effective exercises for speedy relaxation. Join us for a 30 min yoga session on ‘Sukshma Yoga’. The session will consists of some funfilled, light yogic asanas with some breathing techniques & mindfulness. These short exercises open up subtle energy channels & relax the stiffness of joints making the body flexible & strong .

Dr. Lui has embedded simple swimming styles into the traditional Taichi wellness exercise and created the “13 Taichi Qi-swim Styles”, making everyone easily learn and master the method and get the feeling of Qi-rich easily. This wellness exercise is suitable for people of different gender, age and nationalities to learn.

We’re presented with challenges everyday – from the challenge of resisting that bag of nachos to the COVID pandemic that hit us last year.

It’s up to the individual to turn a challenge into a learning opportunity and in this workshop, we’ll show you exactly how!

For this 45-min interactive training session, get ready to understand why revolutionary leaders chose to reframe challenges as opportunities, explore tools and techniques to bounce back from any challenge life throws at you and discover how to foster a growth mindset on a personal and organizational level.

Workshop Tutor

Leadership trainers & mental health educators Joy, Honey and Mahesh Pamnani from Inspire2Aspire Consulting

Workshop schedule
17 Apr 2021
English + Canotonese Interpretation
16:00 – 17:00
Guided by Sister Aruna Ladva
videocam Join
10 Apr 2021
English + Chinese Interpretation
16:00 – 17:00
Guided by Sister Husain Bandi Imam
3 Apr 2021
English + Chinese Interpretation
16:00 – 17:00
Guided by Harry Wong (Harry Goh Goh) and Ayako Ichimaru
27 Mar 2021
16:00 – 17:00
Guided by Yogesh Sharda (Turkey)
10 Mar 2021
For LPC United World College students
Guided by Pravin Budhdev and Deepa Budhdev
TBA videocam Join
10 Mar 2021 09:30–10:15 For LPC United World College students only videocam Join
TBA videocam Join
10 Mar 2021 10:30 – 11:15 For LPC United World College students only videocam Join

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Record Wellness Practice

Participants are encouraged to record their own practice of wellness to demonstrate that wellness practice is for everyone.


Video submission

Participants are encouraged to submit videos of themselves putting wellness practice into action to help spread the knowledge of discovering individual peace.

To submit your work

Click the “Submit Recording” button; you will be redirected to the video uploading platform.

If you encounter any problems while uploading your recording, please email us at peace@unesco.hk.

All compositions must be submitted on or before

31 May, 2021
Submission closed


Selection by Wellness Masters

The wellness practice masters will choose the best videos among the submissions and create a compilation of wellness practices. The compilation will be showcased during the 8th Peacemakers’ Cultural Celebration.

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